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Our Relationship


Bass International Software, LLC is a Microsoft ISV Partner, a Microsoft AI Cloud Partner, a Microsoft FY24 Solutions Play Partner, and a member of the Microsoft Content AI Partner Program, serving on seven Microsoft Research Panels. Over the past decade, we have been on a parallel path with Microsoft to address numerous computing challenges that have hindered productivity, operations, and security for organizations globally.


The Value of our Partnership


We both understand the challenge of integrating multiple, independent software applications, platforms, and systems is significant. These systems often don’t communicate effectively, leading to issues in integration, analytics, communication, and security. Some common challenges include:


1. Complex Integration Processes – Integrating various systems can be technically complex, especially when dealing with different APIs and data formats.

2. Scalability and Performance – Ensuring that integrated systems can scale and perform efficiently is a major concern.

3. Security and Compliance – Maintaining security and compliance across integrated systems is challenging, particularly with varying security protocols.

4. Dependency Management – Managing dependencies and ensuring compatibility between different systems can be daunting.

5. Monitoring and Maintenance – Keeping track of and maintaining integrations over time requires significant effort and resources.


Addressing these challenges often involves using robust integration platforms, adopting best practices, and continuously monitoring and updating systems to ensure smooth operation. What specific questions or issues are you looking to explore further?


What could we achieve if computing was not separate and siloed?


How could productivity and security improve if barriers between systems were eliminated, making all software programs perform as one?


What operational efficiencies could we gain by creating automatic, logical relationships between related sources of information?


To address these challenges, we embarked on our journey by developing OneVuex Unified Systems on the Microsoft M365 and Azure platforms. This system integrates both Microsoft and non-Microsoft apps, platforms, and cloud services through a single, familiar interface. OneVuex connects multi-cloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments, enhancing transparency. With OneVuex, integrating, accessing, finding, collaborating, sharing, and analyzing information becomes easier, leading to faster, more complete, and confident results.


Microsoft recognized the significant value OneVuex offers and invested in our concept.



 OneVuex‘s Code Integration Technology enables Microsoft applications and platforms to run as a single solution

OneVuex Integrates M365, Azure Cloud, SQL Server, SharePoint, etc. with reliable, sustainable connections

OneVuex provides pre-determined connectors to easily integrate innovations like AI, ML, cloud services, etc.), reducing time to market and expenses.

OneVuex creates Digital Subject Cards, organizing all related content so it is accessible as a single subject.

OneVuex extends search across all Microsoft and other solutions without remembering filenames or locations

OneVuex extends Microsoft security to non-Microsoft solutions

 Connected systems are unimpacted by updates

OneVuex extends mobility to on-premises, legacy systems

Data in platforms like SQL, Salesforce, and Oracle can be accessed, managed, edited, and shared in OneVuex with natural language, reflecting changes at the source.

Hybrid configurations between on-premises and multi-cloud environments are accessible via mobile devices.


Our collective technologies come at a time when customers and partners around the world rapidly seek digital transformation and solutions embedded with AI to compete in today’s Modern Workplace.