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    Market disrupters like the global pandemic, supply chain disruptions, and aggressive cyberthreats further exposed government inefficiencies, including outdated legacy systems, on-premises networks, siloed agencies, and security vulnerabilities. Government agencies were challenged to make a seismic shift to achieve greater operational agility. They required major changes in work processes, hybrid work environments, remote access and collaboration, and advanced security to address escalating cyberattacks.




    The challenges experienced in Government are not much different than most other businesses. Finding, accessing, and sharing multiple forms of information collected over the ages on different systems was always problematic. Huge costs to maintain legacy systems, incompatible technologies from multiple vendors, and security gaps impeded productivity, posed IT challenges, and escalated costs. And, security breaches halted operations, exposing confidential and personal identifiable information.


    OneVuex eliminates these challenges by integrating existing applications specific to government agencies with innovative technology, removing the constraints and barriers between systems. Data flows seamlessly, increasing productivity while making better use of Big Data. OneVuex Connectivity Services integrates most apps, platforms, and cloud infrastructure services from a variety of vendors for a complete solution and leverages M365 and Azure to on-premises systems, providing added protection for vulnerable legacy software.


      OneVuex leverages Microsoft security like Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft Defender, and Microsoft Defender for cloud as well as industry security and compliance measures covering FedRamp, IRS, Dod DISA, GDPR, and multiple other requirements. We integrate and leverage Microsoft specific solutions designed for government to help public sector workers engage more securely (visit Microsoft Government 365). With OneVuex, improve operations by modernizing your infrastructure. Experience greater agility. Increase productivity by at least 40% while dramatically reducing IT costs and dependencies, and protect information, devices, and people from impending threats.


    Welcome to the Modern Workplace.