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    Economic pressures and competitive challenges require the financial services industry to develop more personalized, innovative offerings to manage customers’ financial health and achieve their goals. New, digitally agile, financial technology firms; an explosion of new data and access points; growing collaborative experiences; and increased cyberthreats require innovative financial platforms and services that connect and protect every facet of their clients’ lives. In the age of AI, technologies like Cloud and generative AI have quickened the pace for AI | Digital transformation creating greater operational agility; automated work process; and advanced security incorporating Zero Trust policies that protect people, data, and devices from advanced cyberthreats.




    OneVuex provides financial organizations the technology and innovation they need in a single interface, creating personalized, dynamic digital offerings. OneVuex makes it easy to achieve digital strategies with more complete business outcomes, delivering advanced computing power that is easy to use, customizable, adaptable to change, and secure, with less IT maintenance and operational expense.


    OneVuex integrates Microsoft applications and platforms specific to your industry like Microsoft Dynamics for Financial Services with other vendor applications and platforms for a complete view of your organization and all the financial tools you need in one complete solution. Now you can access, integrate, share, and secure information across all connected systems – on-premises to cloud. With OneVuex, witness innovation and creativity like never before that drives greater financial results without heavy investments in IT that complicate operations, driving up costs.




    In the age of AI, every app should be intelligent. Our Generative AI Assistant, OneVuex Praxis, combines the power of our unique Code Integration Technology, Generative AI, and Large Language Models (LLMs) with your organization’s data and content, creating the most advanced innovation and productivity system available. Unlike other generative AI technologies that only source the internet, OneVuex Praxis sources the internet and internal files, data, digital subject cards, topics pages, emails, Microsoft solutions including Copilot, and other content connected in OneVuex, providing a complete response to your query and real-time intelligent assistance.


    OneVuex Praxis drives productivity, creativity, and innovation, ensuring your organization outperforms, outthinks, and out innovates your competition – at the speed of AI.



    OneVuex can be customized to include analytics integration across the platform, incorporating everything from data movement to data science, real-time stream analytics, and business intelligence from internal and external sources. Data is live and can be designed to forecast predictive analytics as well. Information flows seamlessly in customized dashboards providing greater clarity of your operations and your clients’ journey to financial success. OneVuex can also stream information back and forth between CRM tools so information can be shared with sales and marketing teams.


      OneVuex’s Code Integration Technology integrates Microsoft AI and multiple layers of Microsoft security, Zero Trust architecture, and industry security and compliance measures, including FINRA, FedRamp, IRS, GDPR, and many others. OneVuex provides secure collaboration, so clients and financial providers connect and share information in a secure and compliant environment at the speed of AI. 


    OneVuex integrates and leverages Microsoft specific solutions and other vendor technologies designed to help financial professionals and their clients work, innovate, and engage more securely with modern core systems that improve operations with less cost and risk (visit Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services). Experience the full transformative value of AI that generates the productivity, agility, velocity to scale, and security needed to excel in today’s competitive financial markets.


    Welcome to the Modern Workplace.