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    Economic pressures and competitive challenges are driving the financial services industry to develop more personalized, innovative offerings to manage customers’ financial health and achieve their goals. New, digitally agile, financial technology firms; an explosion of new data and access points; the need for more collaborative experiences; and increased cyberthreats require innovative financial platforms and services that connect and protect every facet of their clients’ lives. Recent market disrupters only quickened the pace – requiring greater operational agility; major shifts in work processes; increased demand for remote access; advanced security measures; and multi-cloud and on-premises integration to meet changing customer needs.




    OneVuex provides financial organizations the technology and innovation they need, creating personalized, dynamic digital offerings. OneVuex makes it easy to achieve digital strategies with more complete business outcomes, delivering advanced computing power that is easy to use, customizable, adaptable to change, and secure, with less IT maintenance and operational expense.


    OneVuex integrates Microsoft and non-Microsoft solutions for a complete, secure view of your organization. With OneVuex, integrate Microsoft applications and platforms specific to your industry like Microsoft Dynamics for Financial Services with other non-Microsoft applications and platforms, including legacy systems. Now you can access, integrate, share, and secure information across all your connected systems – on-premises to cloud.


      OneVuex leverages M365 and Azure security incorporating Zero Trust architecture for added protection for vulnerable legacy software and Teams for advanced, secure collaboration, allowing clients and financial providers to connect and share information in a secure and compliant environment with on demand analytics that tell the story of their clients’ road to success.


    We leverage Microsoft’s industry security and compliance measures covering FedRamp, IRS, GDPR, and multiple other requirements. And we integrate and leverage Microsoft specific solutions designed for the financial industry to help modernize core systems and reduce costs and risk (visit Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services ).


    With OneVuex, improve operations by modernizing your infrastructure. Experience greater agility. Increase productivity by at least 40% while dramatically reducing IT costs and dependencies, and protect information, devices, and people from impending threats.


    Welcome to the Modern Workplace.