15.07.2022  - 

Cloud Computing

Everyone is talking about the importance of cloud computing. We know that our data is more accessible in the cloud which is important these days as a rising number of […]

15.07.2022  - 

Cloud Migration

In the previous posts (Cloud Computing and Digital Transformation) we shared the benefits of cloud computing and the adoption of digital strategies. Most businesses whether small, mid-size, or enterprise can […]

15.07.2022  - 

Edge Computing

The intelligent cloud is ubiquitous computing (computing everywhere), empowered by the public cloud (Cloud Computing – see the first blog post) and artificial intelligence (AI) that is a continually expanding […]

15.07.2022  - 

Digital Transformation

As mentioned in the previous Blog post (Cloud Computing), Digital Transformation is the adoption of digital technology by an organization. Leaders in digital strategies look at the cloud as a […]

12.05.2023  - 

Artificial Intelligence Innovations

Layoffs, layoffs, and more layoffs. We have all seen the headlines about monumental workforce shifts, kickstarted by health, economic, and geopolitical crises, leading to an impending recession. But if you […]