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    Digital transformation in education was already at a rapid pace, but market disrupters like the global pandemic and increasing cyberthreats created greater urgency for change. Schools need innovation to optimize and integrate existing and new technology. Students and faculty need to work and study in multiple locations, accessing and sharing content and data with advanced security protecting people, devices, and systems.


    Modernization is critical, and students must be prepared to work and operate in a world built around more sophisticated technology utilized in the fastest growing jobs – technology that should be accessible in today’s learning environments to provide the skills they need to be successful, productive, and innovative.


    OneVuex for Modern Universities and School Systems


    OneVuex is THE solution that meets student, educator and administrator needs. OneVuex‘s Code Integration Technology integrates curriculum, collaboration platforms, artificial intelligence, mixed reality and more in a powerful, user-friendly system. OneVuex is so efficient and flexible that educators and administrators can create the personalized, dynamic education curriculum they seek, fostering highly desired skills students need to be competitive now and in the future. Schools today strive to provide first-class instruction and course materials while working within federal and state guidelines.


    OneVuex delivers Best Practices with Federal and State approved educational guidelines in a delivery system that integrates curriculum, teacher preparation and student course materials. OneVuex also integrates administrative systems, safety and security measures, Artificial Intelligence, Collaboration, File Sharing, Storage and more. We leverage Microsoft’s industry security and compliance measures, incorporating Zero Trust policies, meeting the following measures and multiple other requirements:


    • IEP standards
    • HIPAA compliant measures


    • FERPA guidelines
    • GDPR guidelines



    And we integrate and leverage Microsoft specific solutions designed for education to help modernize core systems and reduce costs and risk (visit Technology Solutions for Schools | Microsoft Education).



    With the integration of M365, OneVuex provides:


    Secure collaboration so faculty and students can participate in classes, able to securely exchange documents and lesson plans


    Work simultaneously on projects in the classroom or from home


    Teachers can provide quizzes and exams with secure results


    Students and faculty can chat, IM, email and communicate from any location on most


    Audio and translation features ensure students can understand instructions


    Classes can be customized to meet specific needs


    OneVuex integration capabilities means principals can work more cohesively with teachers and prepare students from all backgrounds with the required instructional tools. School administration can experience a real-time view of how schools are managed and how classrooms are performing. Insights are gained to help course correct before test time and a consistent, transparent curriculum is offered.


    OneVuex integrates with your current document, file sharing and LMS/SIS platforms so existing tools are easily accessed and the transition to new systems can occur at your own pace.


    OneVuex utilizes the best of Microsoft Education platforms and other non-Microsoft platforms, unifying them into a singular interface for easy access and greater insights.


    In combination with other integrated tools like analytics, mixed reality, ground to cloud security and more, education is more efficient, secure, and fun. Students, faculty, and administration now have the tools and skill sets needed for the Modern Classroom and Workplace.