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    OneVuex Integration

    Drastic Change Demands Intelligent AI Technology


    The world is changing rapidly. Market disrupters and tech innovations have reinvented how we conduct business. To be competitive, businesses must embrace significant operational changes that include intelligent apps and built-in AI. Intelligent work processes, integrated systems, hybrid and mobile workforces, and advanced security systems with Zero Trust strategies that defend at machine speed are essential for greater operational success. ​Modernization is critical. Organizations around the globe recognize the transformative value cloud technologies and AI provide to generate the productivity, agility, velocity to scale, and security they need.


    Market Demands Require High Tech Solutions


    OneVuex is an AI Powered Digital Knowledge Network and Productivity Center that intelligently integrates Microsoft and other vendor applications and platforms (on-premises to cloud), displaying combined results through a single interface. OneVuex eliminates barriers between systems, achieves greater connectivity and functionality, and faster business results. Generate ideas and content faster, complete time-consuming tasks, and get AI driven insights with advanced security at machine speed for more productive workplaces.


    OneVuex Integration Capabilities:



    Unified Software, Platforms, and Systems


    OneVuex intelligently creates automated data relationships between information residing in these and other applications and platforms, eliminating independent, unproductive, and time-consuming searches. OneVuex knows exactly what files and emails are in your system, creating Unified Relationships, Topic Pages, and Subjects with information that once resided in separate files and systems.



    OneVuex + Microsoft Solutions


    Our Artificial Intelligence and the integration of Microsoft’s AI technologies have advanced the very nature of Cloud technology, providing computing power that dramatically increases organizational efficiency, accuracy, and security while reducing overall operational costs – a huge competitive advantage.


    The Value of OneVuex Integration


    OneVuex adapts operations quickly and easily, providing the tools needed to excel in today’s Modern Workplace.


    OneVuex‘s Coding & Connectivity Services OneVuex’s Stable, Reliable Connections OneVuex Increase Operational Efficiencies

     Easily Integrates existing and new applications and platforms in less time and less cost

    Easily integrates cloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments

    Information in platforms like SQL, Salesforce, and Oracle can be related and connected to M365 files, Power BI data, and other information for a complete picture of your organization.

    Information in on-premises legacy systems can be accessed via mobile devices, making it easier to migrate to the cloud in a stepwise process.

    Improves total application performance

    Greater agility, scalability, and maintainability

     Connected systems are unimpacted by updates

     Easier, faster deployment and migration

    Creates reliable industry and cross-industry “sharing” ecosystems

    New features are released on accelerated timelines

    Faster time to market for new products/ services

    Improves operational efficiencies with greater automation and developer productivity

    OneVuex’s Digital Subject Cards organize related information, connecting content, contacts, and Topic pages so all information is accessible in a single record

    Dashboards and analytics provide greater transparency and a complete view of the organization


    OneVuex, in combination with Microsoft solutions, lowers your risk and costs of AI | Digital transformation, creates more productive employees, and more confident business insights and results.




    OneVuex's Code Integration Technology combined with the Microsoft Graft makes it easier to modernize operations and move to the cloud



    OneVuex seamlessly integrates apps and platforms, so it's easier to access, manage, find and share information boosting productivity