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    IT Support Services


    Market disrupters like the global pandemic and aggressive cyberthreats impact legal operations and processes, client relations, and public service. Pressures to control costs, increase efficiencies, and deliver quality legal services skyrocketed. More attorneys began working remotely using video conferencing to conduct client meetings, litigations, and mediation. Courts use technology to submit court forms, efile for benefits, court cases, and court appearances. These shifts prompted operations to move to the cloud for greater operational agility; improve work processes; create hybrid work environments; provide remote access and collaboration; and advanced security incorporating Zero Trust standards to meet changing courtroom, client, and community needs.




    OneVuex provides legal entities the technology and innovation they need, creating personalized, dynamic digital offerings. OneVuex makes it easy to achieve digital strategies with more complete business outcomes, delivering advanced computing power that is easy to use, customizable, adaptable to change, and secure, with less IT maintenance and operational expense.


    We recognize legal firms need to be more productive and seek a singular technology that can help drive their business without heavy investments in IT that complicate their operations, driving up costs. OneVuex provides the technology and innovation they need, creating personalized, dynamic digital offerings. 


    OneVuex Connectivity Services integrates most systems for a complete solution –
    Microsoft and non-Microsoft.


    OneVuex leverages M365 and Azure to on-premises systems, providing added protection and mobility for legacy software.


    With the integration of Microsoft Teams, OneVuex provides advanced, secure collaboration through a single web interface.


    OneVuex can be customized to meet specific needs, allowing organizations to increase productivity while significantly reducing IT operational costs.



    OneVuex leverages Microsoft security like Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft Defender, and Microsoft Defender for cloud incorporating Zero Trust architecture as well as industry security and compliance measures covering FedRamp, IRS, Dod DISA, GDPR, and multiple other requirements.



    We integrate and leverage Microsoft specific solutions designed for legal professionals to help teams work, connect, and collaborate from anywhere (visit Microsoft 365 for Enterprise ).


    Welcome to the Modern Workplace.