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    OneVuex Analytics Integration

    OneVuex Customized Dashboards for Complete, Integrated Analytics


    Organizational leaders need insights to into their operations, staff management, departmental performance, and overall performance. OneVuex provides customized dashboards displaying analytics for each department, division, and the entire organization. We customize your OneVuex Interface the way you want, so everything you need is available with a click from any location, at any time, on any device.


    OneVuex Analytics


      OneVuex provides analytics integration across the platform with Power BI.  OneVuex analyzes data from internal and external sources with real-time stream analytics and mobility.


    Information flows seamlessly in customized business intelligence reports and dashboards for a clear view of the organization


    Information can be streamed back and forth between CRM tools so information can be shared with sales and marketing teams


    OneVuex integrates Azure Cognitive Services for Intelligence and additional analytics.

    Data from platforms like SQL Server can be directly linked to applications like Office 365. And SQL data records are searchable


    OneVuex connects applications and databases on Azure for a unified and related view of data


    Data is live and can be designed to forecast predictive analytics.





    OneVuex's Code Integration Technology runs all apps and platforms as one, so data and information is easily combined for greater insights.



    OneVuex seamlessly integrates information from all connected apps and platforms so data is at your fingertips for greater productivity.