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    OneVuex Migration Services

    A Unified Approach to Cloud Migration

    Get all the tools and guidance you need to plan and implement your move to the cloud. With OneVuex, migration to the cloud is easy, eliminating expensive migration services.



    OneVuex – Your Launchpad to Cloud Migration


    With OneVuex, on-premises systems can be easily migrated to the Azure cloud at your own pace. Data migration is fast and effortless. Users can drag & drop files, folders and emails keeping the original formatting and for organizations with larger systems and workloads, we will migrate entire systems with full functionality in as little as 1-2 business days with no disruptions to business operations. Even connect devices for greater integration of information and security.


    The Power of OneVuex and Microsoft Solutions


      We manage the discovery, assessment, and migration process of servers, databases, web apps, email, and more with minimal application downtime. OneVuex reduces the complexity of cloud migration, making the most of your investments. 



    Discover Assess Migrate
    To help you understand everything about your on-premises environment, we work with Microsoft, employing a team of IT asset managers, software licensing experts, system administrators and cloud engineers to analyze your organization. To customize and optimize your plan, we provide Server Optimization, Modern Workplace (M365), and Cybersecurity Assessments; Software Vendor Risk Analysis; and Compliance and Software Licensing Inventory for a thorough assessment. We migrate and modernize your workloads using a comprehensive approach for your application and datacenter estate. Get support for key migration workloads like Windows, SQL, and Linux Server, databases, data, web apps, and virtual desktops. We also migrate your email and file data in source environments to M365.


    OneVuex Advanced Security Systems


    With advanced, integrated security, you can be certain your information has full protection once in the cloud.


    OneVuex provides the most advanced security integrating and extending Microsoft Security to non-Microsoft solutions, on-premises to cloud. OneVuex’s Code Integration Technology connects and extends Microsoft Security like Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft 365 Defender and Microsoft Defender for the Cloud with Zero Trust architecture to all connected applications and platforms, including non-Microsoft solutions.



    OneVuex – Reduce Your Computing Costs by 40+% 


      OneVuex reduces your IT maintenance and expenses and removes the complexities out of migration. You get and pay for the computing power you need – nothing more, nothing less. We help you calculate your cost savings, and automatically apply insights from your assessment to your migration to help you make the most of your investment.






    As a Microsoft ISV Partner, we help you move to the cloud and manage and maintain your cloud services with Microsoft best practices.



    OneVuex integrates multiple layers of Microsoft security, preventing, detecting, and remediating attacks across your entire organization.