The Modern Workplace

Major Disrupters Accelerate Digital Transformation

The global pandemic has hastened the digital revolution, demanding rapid digital transformation. Business leaders seek customized, innovative technologies to run operations more effectively, empower employees, improve productivity, limit security risks, and adapt to change to remain competitive and profitable.

Innovation to create greater agility, adaptability and security are a must, but multiple, proprietary architectures, huge business units, complex IT setups, and a broad set of solutions from multiple vendors are major impediments.  Operational and productivity inefficiencies combined with security challenges result in serious risks and higher IT expenses.

Modernization is critical. But integrating AI to anticipate customer needs and harness Big Data, cloud capabilities to improve operations and agility, and advanced security to protect valuable information comes at a cost.

OneVuex – Welcome to The Modern Workplace

OneVuex is a digital platform that integrates Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies, providing advanced controlled access, extended search, collaboration, analytics and advanced security across all connected systems (on-premises to cloud), displaying combined results in a single familiar interface. OneVuex provides a complete view of your business, improving productivity by 40%, creating more informed, confident decisions and operational flexibility and agility to quickly respond to changes you see coming and those you do not.

With the integration of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365, OneVuex provides advanced security across all connected systems and devices with easy to use functionality. Welcome to the Modern Workplace. 

OneVuex makes it easier to outperform, outthink, and out innovate so market disruptions are an opportunity, not a threat.


Work fluently across systems, achieving new ways to innovate, integrating most applications and platforms across multiple environments, and new technologies like AI/ML, Iot, AR/VR/MR and analytics for greater insights and adaptability.


Achieve greater insights and transparency and a complete view of the organization, with predesigned dashboards and BI reports built right in.


Stay connected regardless of location with the integration of Teams across connected platforms for advanced, secure collaboration. Experience a unified view of systems, emails, shared calendars, and contacts synced across devices in real time.


Achieve greater agility and scalability with connected systems unimpacted by updates through OneVuex’s stable, reliable connections.


Work faster and smarter, finding all related information in a single search across all connected systems with AI that eliminates remembering filenames or their location.


Experience multiple layers of security, leveraging Microsoft 365 and Azure Security from cloud to on-premises systems for added protection for vulnerable legacy software.

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