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    When market disruptions strike, vulnerabilities across healthcare systems are more apparent.Integrated systems to unlock information in Office applications, EHRs, PHRs, RPM, lab results, admin systems, supply chain and more are needed across care settings to provide optimal clinical and patient outcomes.Modernization is critical but advanced technology, integrated systems, cloud-based solutions, and advanced security come at a cost.




    OneVuex Unified Systems delivers a New Age of Computing for Healthcare with advanced technology to improve the patient experience, coordinate care, and drive operational efficiency,while supporting security, compliance, and interoperability of health data at a lower cost.OneVuex’s unique ability to integrate once disparate systems combined with Microsoft technology provides a complete view of the healthcare system and patient information.Powered by artificial intelligence, integrated analytics,collaboration systems, enterprise search, advanced security and other technologies, hospital administration, caregivers, and patients can now access, share and achieve better patient outcomes.


    Team collaboration requires accelerating the health team’s ability to coordinate care in a secure environment and simplify complex workflow management. Patient information is stored in paper files, EHRs (Epic/MyChart), on-line filing systems, hard drives, and other locations. Information is not uniformly accessed or shared between healthcare providers, hospital systems,patients, and other medical providers (i.e., oncology, laboratories, outside care givers, pharmacies, etc.) impeding a continuum of care and posing security risks.



      OneVuex provides a complete solution and data integration for healthcare systems, with advanced IT for greater seamless insights, highly efficient and productive care teams, better patient outcomes, and less operational costs.


    OneVuex also integrates innovations like HoloLens 2, empowering teams with Holomedicine for precise, efficient, hands-free work to enhance patient treatment and understanding of their condition:
    Reduce time-to-car


    Connect with remote experts


    Call up patient data and go beyond x-rays to consult MRI images in 3D at the point of care


    Protecting sensitive health information to support privacy and effective security is increasingly important. End-to-end management, compliance, keeping up with evolving regulatory changes, improvements in data governance, and trust must be a continuously evolving process. Existing on-premises, legacy, and separate cloud systems leave healthcare organizations vulnerable to security risk.

    OneVuex and Microsoft take computing and security to the next level protecting your business from today’s sophisticated threatsOneVuex  seamlessly integrates multiple layers of Microsoft security across all connected applications, platforms, and systems (Microsoft and non-Microsoft) creating advanced security and device management to help safeguard your business from even the most sophisticated threats. With Integrated Microsoft security protects systems, people, and devices – on-premises to the cloud.

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