What is OneVuex

OneVuex is the latest technology in Software Innovation and Cloud Computing.

OneVuex integrate all of your individual applications, software platforms,

web applications and cloud services all into "One" solution

Transform your business to the OneVuex Digital Work Place - Experience the Future Today.

OneVuex is the only "Cloud Computing" system in the world that provides true digital computing. Other systems

simply provide old technology like "RDP" access in the guise of "Cloud Computing"

but they're the farthest thing from "Cloud Computing".

OneVuex is many ideas, combined into one "Big" idea.

‚ÄčIntegrating Microsoft Office 365, SQL, SharePoint, Oracle, SAP

‚Äčand many other applications into "One" single solution. OneVuex Drives 

enormous productivity  and cost savings across the entire organization.

Integrate & Manage Big Data

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Single Search
across your entire organization

Imagine being able to type just a few characters and your system can search across all files, all platforms, the web and other applications with one single search, that's OneVuex.

Real-Time Integrated

With OneVuex businesses get the ultimate package which includes "integrated" Real-time collaboration. Specifically designed to provide immediate access and knowledge of other team members you can now host a collaboration session without sending email requests. 

Enhance SharePoint

As Global Partners with Microsoft  OneVuex completely "Enhances" the ease of use and functionality of SharePoint. No need for special configurations, 100% Uptime, Access the information you need when you need it, data and file migrations are now simple, quick and easy, users can Drag-N-Drop files and folders in OneVuex when they are ready, relate data and files to other databases. Copy and move files and folders at will, expand resources across your organization in seconds, functional file Previews and much more.

Cloud Infrastructure

With OneVuex VM's, Networking equipment or any other infrastructure is required. Everything needed start using your OneVuex platform is included at no additional cost. 

30 Minute Support
Response Time

We respond to all customer support, technical support or training requests in less than 30 minutes in any language. No other service provides that level of customer support at no additional costs. 

Adaptive Intelligence

After 16 years of research and code writing by some of the best software engineers in the world OneVuex is trained to adapt to the users behavior. Not the user having to learn another "software program" this gives each user an advantage and a familiar scope by utilizing software applications they are all ready familiar with. The difference is that OneVuex runs all of them as "One" solution instead of multiple individual applications.

The Value of OneVuex
OneVuex is a "New" Cloud Software Innovation that brings definition to the "Digital Work Place"

With OneVuex, Provide Answers Faster, Increase Productivity, Reduce your Operational IT Costs and Reduce your "On-Premise Network Dependency"  

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"OneVuex has been vetted by our Global Sales and Marketing Groups as well as our Technology Architects. The consensus is that OneVuex will bring tremendous value to any organization that is seeking to create greater workplace efficiencies regarding how workflow and processes are managed and generate significant cost savings. By integrating Microsoft and most other industry standard applications into one application, Bass International Software has truly developed a complete computing solution"  - Shinwar Mayi - Microsoft Corporation - 2015

Your Data is Secure

OneVuex has more than 11 stages of security to protect your information around the clock.

OneVuex provides "Global" protection across your entire cloud environment but we don't stop there, OneVuex provides encrypted communications and device protection. With new Advance Threats Protection Services in Windows 10, OneVuex integrates those services on your local device and gives you the "First Ever" security system that has Advance Protection in the cloud, Encrypted Communications and Device Security all as "One" security system. 

Integration Services

With OneVuex businesses can integrate applications, platforms cloud services all into "1" system. Create efficiency centers, collaborate in real-time with multiple users, perform "1" single search across all platforms in your organization and find all related information in a single view.

Integration Services with OneVuex



Government is one of the most divers computing environments in the world. OneVuex can provide access and insights to data that buried, old, forgotten and inaccessible. The OneVuex interface integrates data from different systems and platforms and enabling government to work more efficiently and productively. In addition, OneVuex reduces the overall operational cost for managing information by extending those system to the cloud.


OneVuex is changing the way Financial companies manage their information as well as their customers portfolios. Being able to interface with their customers in "Real-Time" can make all the difference in making a good investment VS making a great investment. Accounting firms can work with their clients without having to move boxes of files and spend valuable time traveling when they can access their customers information at any time getting the job done much more efficiently..


The education of students is very important to Bass International Software and Microsoft. We are working together to provide the best technology for all students across all demographics. We intend to assist in providing the best learning tools that will prepare the student of today for the Digital WorkPlace of tomorrow.