OneVuex Innovation

Today businesses manage more and more information than ever before, generating it at an increased rate of 40% every year. Organizing and making use of that information is not easy. OneVuex changes all of that. OneVuex is a "digital fabric" of multiple computer languages and intelligent agents that ingeniously integrates the services and functionality of multiple software applications, enterprise platforms and cloud infrastructure services to run together as a complete and single Cloud System – all in a secure environment.  This form of code integration allows information to flow seamlessly, breaking down the barriers of once separate systems, so information can be easlly integrated, shared and accessed in one complete solution.  

OneVuex also simplifies the functionality of certain solutions.  For example, information in SQL databases can now be managed and accessed with simple commands - no more queries or code writing to get to your information.  And SQL data can be easily integrated with information in other systems.  OneVuex also provides advantages to SharePoint.  The full power of SharePoint is difficult to attain because of the resources, personnel and finances required to program, deploy and scale. With OneVuex’s code integration, adaptive intelligence and pre-programmed development work, the hard work is already done, providing organizations the highest level of functionality in a user friendly format.  There are many more advantages that OneVuex's innovation provides.  Contact our office to find out how OneVuex can make you and your organization more productive with significantly lower operational and IT costs.