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Who We Are

Our vision at Bass International Software is to identify and understand future technologies based on customer needs, expectations and realistic concepts that improve the creativity and management of information for business. We want to drive the market by creating systems that make it easy to transfer from technology to technology without the gaps. We live and work in both spaces, the present and the future by developing, proofing and delivering advanced technologies that make a real difference, making the seemingly impossible - possible.

OneVuex is a new and innovative Cloud Computing software system that is supported and has been vetted by Microsoft Global Sales, Microsoft Marketing Groups and Microsoft Technology Architects. OneVuex was developed over the past 17 years with some of the best minds known throughout the computing industry. OneVuex provides unprecedented access to all of your information, it provides the ability to easily share information, it translates information to and from different languages and it provides the ability to instantaneously collaborate with others who are either internal or external to your organization - all in one system. So how does OneVuex do all of this? it integrates the computer code of Office 365, SharePoint 2013\2016, Azure Services, web applications, media systems, multiple file types, collaboration and conferencing services, business intelligence systems, security and monitoring systems and others allowing them to run simultaneously as one Unified Workspace.

OneVuex Special Features

Expert Personnel

We have the absolute best personnel in the business. We are able to provide expert service without interrupting your business. Our customers experience the best products and services on the market.

Global Readiness

We can deploy OneVuex to almost any location on the planet. OneVuex represents all levels of "Distributed Computing." Now businesses can relate, collaborate and share information like never before.

Multi-Language Support

OneVuex has the built-in ability to adapt to almost any language. Users can send and receive translated files and email messages to and from business collegues anywhere in world. 

Offering ideas that raise your business above the expected

OneVuex exceeds the expectations of current day computing with not only the latest but the best technology available.

Industry Solutions


Government agencies experience many challenges accessing numerous forms of information and data collected  over the ages on different systems. They incur huge costs to maintain legacy systems to "warehouse"  this data that isn't easily accessed or usable. OneVuex helps eliminate these challenges by removing the constraints and barriers of the legacy systems, allowing data to flow seamlessly between systems, increasing productivity and making use of "Big Data."


Financial businesses are data and  document intensive and responsible for maintaining and securing client's personally identifiable information (PII). They're required to retain and secure hundreds if not thousands of paper documents, forms, applications and records that they often must share with clients or other financial professionals in or outside their organization. OneVuex's unique security and integrated EFSS and collaboration systems allow clients and financial providers to connect and share infromatin in a secure and compliant environment.


The Healthcare industry is data and document intensive with responsibilities for securing patients' PII, health records, financial information and more. Sophisticated medical and diagnostic equipment and systems capture patient information in electronic files that must be maintained with traditional paper documents and records.  iMany solutions exist to maintain medical records, but none that allow all sources of information to be integrated, shared or available to medical providers in one complete solution. OneVuex provides unprecidented access and the ability to share information in a secure environment following compliance standards. 

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