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With OneVuex find related information from different applications, databases and platforms with "1" search

OneVuex now available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and App Source

Why Put Your Information At Risk?

OneVuex’s unique code integration and adaptive intelligence integrates information in applications, platforms and entire systems so information flows freely and is accessible on any device from any location. OneVuex easily migrates your data and systems to the cloud without costly migration services or IT resources with no disruption to the business.

  •    With OneVuex, Migration is Easy and Affordable
  •    OneVuex Migration Means NO Disruption to Your Business
  •    OneVuex Increases Productivity
  •    OneVuex Reduces Operational Costs and Unexpected IT Expenditures
  •    Guaranteed Uptime and Stability 
  •    OneVuex Meets Global Security Standards
  •     GDPR Compliant

                    Made Available Only On The Microsoft Cloud 

Business Solutions

OneVuex Standard Solutions

OneVuex delivers large scale performance for Small Businesses. Small Businesses may not have Enterprise budgets, but that doesn't mean they don't require Enterprise computing functionality. With OneVuex, Small Businesses can accomplish anything with Professional Mobility, System Connectivity and Cloud Technology while assuring  overall security including GDPR Compliance, all in one system.

OneVuex Business Solutions

OneVuex has a wide range of features and funtions that are able to adapt to the changing needs of Mid Size Businesses. Managing information on a growing number of platforms and applications has not only become challenging but also very expensive. With OneVuex businesses now have a cost effective way to access all information through a single Cloud Interface, vastly improving  users' ability to efficiently deliver desired business results.

OneVuex Enterprise Solutions

OneVuex makes it easy to setup, connect and migrate your systems and data to the Cloud. Today's Enterprise Businesses are faced with the  challenge of managing local, regional and global data sources and legacy systems.  Moving to the Cloud can resolve these issues but,  the expense, migration uncertanty, potential data loss and other challenges can be a deterrent. With OneVuex,  businesses can achieve the full power of the  Cloud without any of the risks for a fraction of the cost.

What We Do

GDPR Readiness

We elevate the human experience of computing through Code Integration. We make your software programs work together as "One" system in the most secure environment possible.

  • Data Identification
  • Data Management
  • Data Protection
  • Reporting

Serverless Computing

OneVuex resides in the Microsoft Cloud. OneVuex is not installed on a server - it's a Digital Fabric which intelligently connects to other software applications and platforms.

  • Better Security
  • No Network Hardware
  • Anywhere Access
  • Expanded Storage
  • Faster Computing

Cloud Infrastructure

For businesses requiring VM infrastructure, we can provide Cloud Systems that can adapt for both Cloud and Hybrid environments.

  • Machine learning
  • Data Lake Analytics
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Sandbox Development
  • Intelligent Computing

Artificial Intelligence

Accessing accurate information is critical for making good  business decisions. OneVuex is one of the very first cloud systems with Artificial Intelligence personalizing results to every user.

  • Find Information Faster
  • Associate Information
  • Business Analysis
  • Natural Language Query
  • Relational Data Analytics



"OneVuex has been vetted by our global sales and marketing groups as well as our technology architects. The consensus is that OneVuex will bring tremendous value to any organization seeking to create greater workplace efficiencies regarding how workflow and processes are managed and generate significant cost savings."

Shinwar Mayi - Microsoft Corporation 2015

Ohio Chambers of Commerce

To find information in our system, you'd click to get into a folder, then you’d get into a subfolder, get into another subfolder … I got 5 clicks in before I was close to what I wanted, but then I’d have to know what they called the particular document and there could be tons of them in a folder.  As a new person coming in, trying to find something was unbelievable.  With OneVuex, I just type in a word that's about what I'm looking for and the document and everything related to it comes up in one simple search.”

Karen Applegate - SCOC 2016